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Next Pangaea Inc.: A Leader in K-Beauty

Korean culture, from Korean dramas to food, has been growing in popularity all over the world, a phenomenon often referred to as the "K-Wave." Accompanying this trend is the rise of K-Beauty products, which have gained significant attention in recent years. Korean skincare and cosmetics have been growing in popularity globally because of their efficacy and novel commercialization methods.

Several cosmetic companies are currently based in Korea so that they can have improved relationships with manufacturers and reach a larger audience!

Today we are here with some brilliant news! If you belong to a minor cosmetic brand or a start-up, or even if you are already a build-up brand, this opportunity is for you!

A fast and advanced method of OSM manufacturing has been introduced by Next Pangaea Inc. Let's take a look at the history of this not only Korean cosmetic manufacturing firm but also a revolutionary idea in the field.

What is Next Pangaea Inc.?

Next Pangaea Inc. is a Korean private label cosmetics firm that specializes in the development and marketing of innovative cosmetic products. Next Pangaea focuses on the needs of companies and their customers. As we all know, it is an era of a fast generation that wants everything to be done in the fastest way possible; that’s where Next Pangaea plays its role. Next Pangaea (full-service Cosmetic Specialists) has brought the vision of connecting all cosmetic companies around the globe under one platform in a faster way!

What Type of Things Next Pangaea Inc. cover?

Now the question arises in a simple consumer's mind what type of products will they cover? So, let us tell you that Next Pangaea Inc. focuses on all cosmetics products, from face masks and body marks to perfumes and fragrances. YOU CAN GET THEM ALL WITHOUT EVEN HUSTLING SEVERAL WEBSITES NOW!

Next Pangaea has made it easy for you! It'll not be wrong to say that Next Pangaea is offering K- beauty B2B services; by providing a platform for cosmetic companies to find the right manufacturer as their best partner! Here are the top 3 best services of Next Pangaea Inc. that would probably be your game-changer:

  • K Beauty B2B

  • Manufacturing

  • Green Private Label

K-Beauty B2B

It is a category of business-to-business e-commerce that deals with the sale of Korean cosmetics and skincare products. The main focus of K-Beauty B2B is to provide a platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to find the right manufacturers as their business partners. Next Pangaea is one such platform that connects global cosmetic companies with Korean manufacturers.


As we all know, Korea is the Hub of skincare and cosmetics. Korean manufacturers are known for their innovative formulations and cutting-edge technologies. Next Pangaea has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing, and they help you develop the perfect product for your brand.

Green Private Label

It is a type of product that is manufactured by one company but sold under another company's brand. In other words, it is a product made by company A and sold by company B under its own label or brand. Green private label products are those that are eco-friendly and/or made with natural ingredients. Next Pangaea is a cosmetic company that specializes in the development of green private label products. Their green private label service is inclusive, responsive, and eco-friendly. They not only tackle every skincare issue with innovative formulas but also design the packaging of your products.

The vision of Next Pangaea CEO, Jason

In an exclusive interview, Jason, CEO of Next Pangaea, shared some of his views;

"Next Pangaea is a next-gen global cosmetic platform that has been uniquely designed to redefine the cosmetic industry with its advanced OSM manufacturing method. We have chosen OSM over the traditional OEM and ODM methods to respond better to the fierce competition in the market today. Because of Covid-19, most cosmetic exhibitions have been canceled and delayed. Therefore, cosmetic companies are in a situation that lacks new innovative items. We solve the problem they have with our OSM method".

Next Pangaea has focused a lot on exports of cosmetic products, maintaining a long-term relationship with importers all around the world. Not only this, but Next Pangaea has proved to be a beneficial importer of cosmetic brands in Korea, providing other countries a Korean platform for their emergence in the industry of Korean Cosmetics.

Next Pangaea Focuses

Their two main focuses are COST and QUALITY. Now the question is how one can know they can build quality products. To prove this, let us inform you that they have proven their quality with ISO 22716 quality certificate. And their in-house quality department ensures that customers get 100% safe, quality, research, and tested products!

Their most important asset is customers' delight. Following that, Pangaea assists people in developing cosmetic businesses that will highlight people's innate attractiveness.

This Korean Cosmetic B2B enables professional buyers to find, compare, and connect directly with K-Beauty brands, cosmetics suppliers, and other Korean beauty industry vendors. As a result, they have proved to be the home of Korean Cosmetics & Beauty Suppliers.

They are focused on helping you expand your business. They strive for a long-term win-win approach by assisting their customers by offering the greatest wholesale price, an easy order process, rapid order follow-up, and multi-channel communication. Other than that, they constantly provide their partners with authentic K-beauty trend reports.

Authentic K-Beauty Trend Report

They are collaborating with the 20's pouch, a group of cosmetic nerds, to see the current K-beauty trend. They're discussing cosmetics in their pouches to introduce to their buddies. This tiny notion grows into a real trend report.

Want to know more about the 20's pouch?

20's pouch is a bunch of 20's cosmetic nerds, not a clichéd and apparent pitch for a cosmetics brand. Because the trends offered by beauty publications did not represent theirs, thus they created them ourselves. They only introduce real pouch things that are truly in their pouches and those they use and recommend! Their coverage includes Vegan Beauty, Moisture Bomb Basic Care, and much more!

'VEGAN' is unquestionably the trend for 2022. When you walk into a cosmetic store, you will notice the statement "Acquired vegan certification." A fad for vegan beauty' is sweeping the globe. From basic care to different colors and washing products, Vegan beauty is becoming increasingly popular. We will continue to stress sustainability and ethical consciousness in 2022. As a major keyword, cosmetics will continue to draw attention. When purchasing cosmetics, the MZ generation, who are trend-conscious and value quality, examine the environment and ingredients.

In The End;

New Pangaea is promising to make human life more beautiful and attractive with cosmetics. With their green label service, they have provided their audience with synergistic economic and social values! What is the reason for the emergence of Next Pangaea? All of the questions have answered only one name "Jason IM," CEO and Founder of this Incorporation. Jason's entrepreneurial mindset has evolved the business through constant innovations and creations. We are looking forward to Jason introducing more extensions in New Pangaea Incorporation.

Korean beauty trends have made a spectacular entry into the worldwide market, and they are already sweeping over shelves and routines. Customers are very informed about cosmetics items and have very high standards in South Korean society; thus, cosmetics companies are under pressure to offer the greatest stuff. This combination of innovation, quality, and pricing gives them a competitive advantage in the worldwide market. And now, with the Innovation of OSM Korean Manufacturer Next Pangaea Inc., Korea's Cosmetic Factory Manufacturers and Brands can make their mark in the world!


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