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About Us

K-Cosmetic Expert


Next Pangaea Inc. is a Korean private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in the production and marketing of cutting-edge cosmetic products. Everything started with a dream: founded by Jason IM with the aim of developing important expertise in cosmetics and making human life more beautiful and richer by connecting cosmetic companies around the world.


Made In Korea

Think about the most wonderful things in Korea: Electronics, food, fashion, cosmetics...
Now bring the beautiful sensation they give to you and place them in the cosmetic industry. What you get is the perfect partner to work with.

Next Pangaea is a private label cosmetics manufacturer in Korea to give benefits both best COST and QUALITY to the clients. 

핑크 리퀴드

Quality is our pride

Quality is our pride and priority in all areas of our activity. We have the ISO 22716 quality certificate and work according to CGMP standards.

Our in-house quality department ensures the compliance of products with KFDA and global standards and tries to reduce the risk of inconsistencies in product descriptions related to frequent changes in regulations.
We guarantee that the products that reach customers are tested and safe.


Best technology

We use cutting-edge production machines for our innovative cosmetics. Our original and innovative recipes are based on the highest quality raw materials, coming only from proven suppliers.

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