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K-Cosmetics export


The Hub of Korean cosmetics export

Next Pangaea continues to build a positive long-term partnership with importers across the world and endeavors to spread K-beauty through global networks by implementing our own export know-hows. Our customers are either cosmetics importers, wholesalers, traders, retailers, or online sellers worldwide.

We help to grow your business.

We aim to have a long-term win-win strategy by supporting our
customers through providing them
with the best wholesale price,
simple order process, instant order follow-up an multi-channel communication.

20's pouch Kbeauty trend

Genuine K-beauty trend report.

We are providing the genuine K-beauty trend report regularly

to our partners. 
In order to see the actual K-beauty trend, we are cooperating with the 20's pouch which is the group of cosmetic nerds. 
They are talking cosmetics in their pouches in order to introduce to their friends. This small idea becomes a real trend report. 

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