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Next Pangaea introduction with animation

The Cosmetic Industry, since its inception back in the 4th century, has grown into a very large and profitable business.

The history of cosmetics tells us that products were used then much for the same reasons they are used today, that is, to look beautiful and to remain young.

The difference, however, is in the technology and science that are available today.

That’s where Next Pangaea Inc. comes in, a global cosmetic platform company.

Next Pangaea’s vision is to connect all cosmetic companies in order to make this world more beautiful with people.

Next Pangaea forms strategic partnerships with manufacturers, R&D Centers, logistics, sub-material companies, to strategically produce items customers want.

This strategic network makes us meet customers' needs fast, which is a lean and fit service.

Our Business Category includes:

• Online Cosmetic Platform; where brand companies can find the right manufacturers(will be opened in 2022)

• OSM Cosmetic maker; that is the Original Strategy Manufacturing. OSM companies focus on their core to respond to customers' diverse needs quickly and effectively. It strategically utilizes numerous factories in Korea to provide customized services.

• Distribution in Korea; where we import global cosmetic brands into Korea

The main innovation has been the combination of a fast and flexible cosmetic development process with global cosmetic brand companies and manufacturers online.

This platform includes everything a person needs to start or grow their own cosmetic brand.

Our solution provides a venue for entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses to grow and be part of a platform model and network.

What are you waiting for?

Join us today!

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