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How do we know what the real trend is?

Looking at the cosmetic trend report, didn't you feel strange?

The cosmetics in the trend report are so unfamiliar...

I really want to know the actual beauty trend.

But I think the current trend report might not reflect the actual trend because of advertisements.

There is a saying.

'There is no failure in the cosmetics in the friend's pouch'

My ideas start here.

I thought what if gathering cosmetic nerds and let them talk about items they like.

Luckily, the group of cosmetic nerds in 20s, '20's POUCH', decided to cooperate.

The 20's Pouch is the story of women who purely love cosmetics.

With this, we might figure out the beauty trend in Korea.

It can be a bit clumsy because they are not professional, but that's the charm of this magazine.

I wish you much love in the future.

I am pleased to introduce the genuine K-beauty trend report produced by 20's POUCH

For more detailed information, please contact me.

I will share it with you free of charge.

Thank you

Best regards,

Next Pangaea Inc


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