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Investing for the future, beauty trends favored by the 'pre-care' crowd

Hello and welcome to our blog on the latest trends in beauty! Post-COVID-19, interest in self-care has exploded, driving demand for home aesthetics products. In particular, wrinkle and elasticity management, which has been a must-have for the 4050s, is now being extended to the 2030s, fueling the "early anti-aging" trend. In recent years, the "pre-care" generation has also emerged, taking care of their skin from a young age to prevent aging, and simple yet effective early anti-aging products have gained a lot of attention.

For example, a vegan beauty brand has introduced a 'vegan rolling cream' that combines the functions of a gua sha roller and skincare. The product is an innovative item that can lift, firm, moisturize, and whiten at once through the roller. It has received very positive responses from consumers who are interested in anti-aging, especially as it shows excellent performance in managing neck wrinkles and double chin.

"Wrinkle and lifting products are gaining popularity as MZ generation's demand for early anti-aging increases," said a representative from the beauty brand. "Preventing skin aging and taking care of your appearance at home has become a major keyword in the beauty trend."

Another nature-based functional cosmetics brand has responded to consumers' need for easy and hassle-free care with the launch of a lifting ampoule, which has received very positive reviews as it can be applied to curved areas such as the eye area and the corners of the mouth for better absorption. The ampoule contains collagen, a skin protein, and ingredients that promote skin flexibility, which helps to increase skin elasticity.

In line with the current trend of self-home care, massages with tools are also very popular. Not just for the face, but also for scalp, lymphatic, and other body massages, gua sha care is gaining traction for its versatility.

And the beauty brand has recently renewed its popular "ceramic gua sha" in the brand's signature color, which is gaining traction once again. The ceramic gua sha has an ergonomic design that utilizes six massage points to delicately massage the scalp, jawline, cheekbones, décolleté line, temples, and even lymphatic acupressure points. "The ceramic gua sha is a customized product that can be used to effectively manage your busy life," said a brand representative, "It is a much-loved product that can be used for body care as well as face care."

The growing interest in early anti-aging and pre-care shows how beauty trends are evolving. It's never been more important to start taking care of your skin at a young age and plan for your future beauty. Keep an eye out for new products and trends!


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