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A surge in cosmetic sales in Korea with ‘No Mask’

As mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing restrictions ease in Korea, the beauty trend has shifted towards enhancing the ‘Highlight effect’ and ‘Long-lasting’ of skin makeup. With people spending more time outdoors, there is a demand for makeup that can last all day and maintain its flawless appearance.

To achieve the ‘Highlight effect’, makeup items such as shading, cheek, and highlighter have become popular, adding a clear outline and vitality to the face. Makeup tools, such as spatulas, shading brushes, and cushion puffs, have also doubled in sales, allowing for more delicate makeup application.

Representative point makeup items like lipstick have seen a surge in sales, with glossy lips being the latest trend. Eyebrow and eyeshadow items that can create a clear eye area have also tripled and doubled in sales, respectively.

As ‘Long-lasting’ becomes an important keyword in makeup and hair styling, products such as primers and fixers that enhance adhesion and durability before and after skin makeup have seen a significant increase in sales. Hair styling items like hair fixers and curl creams have also surged, along with hair care products that can manage hair all day.

Perfume has also gained more interest, with sales exploding by 20 times compared to the same period last year. Body mist, in particular, has become popular as a low-cost way to enjoy fragrance. With the recent 'No mask policy’, fragrance has become a means of expressing individuality, and demand for perfume is expected to increase steadily in the future.

Overall, consumers are rapidly increasing their demand for various beauty categories such as color tone, base, skin care, and perfume as they prepare for full makeup after being accustomed to wearing masks for the past few years. By paying attention to the ‘Highlight effect’ and ‘Long-lasting’ of makeup and hair styling, people can enjoy a flawless look that lasts all day.


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