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Cosmetic OEM&ODM? Now it's OSM!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


I'm Jason, CEO of Next Pangaea Inc. which is the trendiest cosmetic maker in Korea.

The world we live in is changing rapidly. COVID-19 has accelerated that change even faster.

The cosmetic industry including cosmetic brands and manufacturers should be changed to survive in this unprecedented situation.

The relationship between brands and makers needs to be more strategic than ever. That's why the new manufacturing concept, OSM over the OEM&ODM, is now spreading and getting more important. (OSM: Original Strategy Manufacturing)

Next Pangaea Inc. is the trendiest cosmetic maker with OSM service.

To fulfill this new concept, we suggest the lean and fit manufacturing service while maintaining the core quality and technology to you.

Let's get through this unprecedented situation and grow together.

If you are struggling to find new innovative cosmetics, feel free to contact me. A lot of new items are waiting for being picked.

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