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Avery, Too Cool For School 'S/S Newtro Club Collection' exclusive pre-launch

[ Correspondent Shin Bo-kyung] Avley Corporation (CEO Kang Seok-hoon), a style commerce platform, is holding a discount event to commemorate the exclusive pre-launch of Too Cool For School 2023 S/S Newtro Club Collection, a popular beauty brand for the MZ generation.

This pre-launch promotion runs from 11:00 am on the 9th to the 15th, and introduces a limited number of new Too Cool For School makeup products that reinterpret retro sensibility in a trendy way.

The Newtro Club collection consists of 2 types of eye palettes with natural daily colors, 2 types of jelly blushes with a vibrant color sense, and 3 types of fleur tints with a moist formulation, which is the LIP trend this year.

Avley sells a special plan product exclusively for Avley, consisting of three types of the Newtro Club Collection, at a 25% discount of 29,000 won. For 500 customers who purchase the planned product, a collaboration pouch created by Too Cool For School and the European emotional lifestyle brand 'Hotel Paris Chill' will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis.

Various discount coupons and goods presentation events were also prepared. Only on the opening day, a KRW 10,000 first-come-first-served discount coupon that can be used for purchases of KRW 40,000 or more in the 'Newtro Club' collection, and a 12% discount coupon that can be used on all Too Cool For School products when purchasing KRW 30,000 or more are provided.

Too Cool For School first-time purchasers will receive a 1,000 won discount coupon that can be used without any conditions. A variety of goods are also prepared for each purchase amount, such as a film camera representing the collection concept 'Newtro' and masking tape for 'Kaku (camera decoration)'. At 11 am on the 12th, a raincoat suitable for summer water music festivals and a limited edition pouch of 'Hotel Parisill' will be released as goods.

On the other hand, Too Cool For School's brand manager said, "Avely is the platform with the most active users, and 'Glam Underliner,' which was pre-launched last year, also sold out early." Starting with the launch, we plan to strengthen the color makeup lineup in earnest through synergy with Avery, a beauty powerhouse of the 15th to 24th generation.”

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