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The Rising Awards 2023: Trends and Hot Keywords

In the second half of the year, sensitive skincare took center stage. Products with mild ingredients centered on retinol and vitamin C soothed sensitive skin and provided anti-aging effects. In particular, Mediheal and MediPeel were loved by consumers for their reasonable price points that

catered to the skin concerns of middle-aged women.


Masks - #pore #cooling

The pore keyword was prominent this year. Mask brands that emphasized pore care caught the attention of consumers. Ease & Tree, Biodance, and CellfusionC stood out for their emphasis on pore care, and demand for cooling products is also on the rise.


Suncare - #skincare-like-sunscreen #for-the-whole-family

The keyword "skinnyfication" drew attention to sun care products, with many sunscreens containing skincare ingredients such as shea, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Products that can be used by the whole family were particularly popular.


Cleansing - #acne skin #all-in-one

When it comes to cleansers, there were a number of products that stood out as being suitable for acne-prone skin. Anua, Ease & Tree, and Roundaround were exposed as cleansers for acne-prone skin, and all-in-one cleansers are also gaining traction.


As summer approaches, the demand for body care has increased. Products utilizing tea tree and shikar have emerged, offering effective solutions for back and chest acne.


Haircare - #Scalp #Hair Loss

Scalp and hair care has become the norm rather than the exception, and brands that specialize in scalp and hair care are targeting a wide range of consumers.


Base Makeup - #PerfectSkin #ToneUp

As masks come off, consumers are increasingly looking for flawless skin. There has been a noticeable increase in perfecting and toning products, with purple perfecting products being particularly popular.


Point makeup - #skinnyfication

Skincare features were emphasized in point makeup. Glossy lip products are becoming more prominent, and vegan products containing hyaluronic acid and panthenol have been very popular.

With so many trends and keywords shining through in 2023, look for products that will help you take care of your skin! The brands honored in Trender's 2023 The Rising Awards will make your beauty look even better.

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