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Next Pangaea press release

Seoul, South Korea – October 12, 2021 – Korean OSM cosmetic manufacturer, Next Pangaea Inc., is all set to revolutionize the cosmetic scene by bridging the gap between cosmetic brand companies and manufacturers globally. The company has adopted the most advanced “OSM” (Original Strategy Manufacturing) manufacturing method which assures faster and better response to customers’ needs compared to the regular OEM/ODM manufacturing method. Next Pangaea Inc. is driven by the ethos to connect all cosmetic companies around the globe in one online platform to make the world a more beautiful place.

The platform will be launched at the end of this year. Next Pangaea Inc. focuses on all major types of cosmetic products, ranging from skincare items to face masks to body masks to makeup products to fragrances, and more.

In an exclusive interview, Jason, the founder and CEO of Next Pangaea shared that the next-gen OSM strategy works to leverage the fittest parts in the industry value chain which helps it to respond to customers’ needs faster and in a better way in the modern cut-throat competition. In that light, a company that has adopted the OSM method would be able to support customers with fitter cosmetics and greater satisfaction.

A veteran in the global cosmetic industry, Jason stressed that both brand companies and manufacturers want the best partners. But the best partners aren’t easy to find. Exhibitions offer great networking opportunities but the entry fee can be expensive and also, most of the exhibitions are not being held lately due to the pandemic fear. To resolve the problem, Next Pangaea has come up with the innovative idea of connecting all the cosmetic companies under one platform to help them find their best partners easily.

“Next Pangaea is a next-gen global cosmetic platform that has been uniquely designed to redefine the cosmetic industry with its advanced OSM manufacturing method. We have chosen OSM over the traditional OEM and ODM methods to respond better to the fierce competition in the market today. Because of Covid-19, most cosmetic exhibitions have been canceled and delayed. Therefore, cosmetic companies are in a situation that lacks new innovative items. We solve the problem they have with our OSM method”, stated Jason.

Speaking on, Jason noted that by bringing cosmetic companies under one global platform, Next Pangaea would enable cosmetic brand companies to easily find the right manufacturers in just a few clicks. They would get a sample and initial quote that will help them to reach an informed decision before teaming up with a manufacturer.

Next Pangaea will also help with the distribution and marketing of the cosmetic companies that will sign up with its platform.

“We do know that branding isn’t an easy deal, especially for smaller cosmetic brands. Thus, we will help the companies on our platform to reach out to more customers across the world. We are not only exporting but also importing global cosmetic brands into Korea and cooperating with an entertainment company to do marketing and sales together through top influencers.”

Next Pangaea produces all kinds of cosmetics and covers all price ranges, ranging from lowest to high-end.

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Media Contact Company Name: Next Pangaea Inc. Contact Person: Jason IM Email: Send Email Country: South Korea Website: https://www.nextpangaea.comL

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