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Meeting AI × Beauty... Changes in the value chain of the cosmetics industry

Changes in the way cosmetics are produced and consumed... Customized skin care services from global beauty companies and ICT+BT convergence 'beauty tech' products

Cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis and AI are leading to innovative products in the cosmetics industry. Following CES 2024 last January, a startup cutting-edge technology event was held at Vivatech 2024, held at the Versailles Expo in Paris from May 22 to 25. There are 10 exhibition themes: artificial intelligence, climate technology, smart mobility, quantum computing, country of the year, business, future jobs, internet and cybersecurity, creator economy, games and e-sports. A variety of events were held, including a demo event for new technology in 2024 and a pre-release event in 2025. 

The 'Future Beauty The Korea Health Industry Development Institute is introducing how the digital experience technology of major global beauty companies impresses consumers. (Data = 'Global Health Industry Trends No. 514, refer to each company's website)

  1. L'Orél Paris Beauty Genius On the first day of the Vivatech exhibition, at Beauty Tech, L'Orél Groupe demonstrated hyper-personalization technology using L'Orél Paris Beauty Genius, a Gen AI-based beauty assistant. This beauty app ▲ allows users to try various makeup products and styles in real time through virtual makeup simulation ▲ uses AI algorithms to analyze the user's skin type, tone, and preference, and recommends customized products such as foundation and lipstick ▲ 6,000 products It has features such as comprehensive data consisting of more than 100 images and virtual Tryon technology that has been tested on more than 10,000 products in 50 countries.  L'Oréal Group announced a new creator partnership with Meta. In addition, L'Oréal held a hair color virtual test demonstration in partnership with Snapchat and Walmart. By scanning the QR code on the L'Oréal Feria hair dye box, you can virtually try on various hair colors through an augmented reality (VR) toolkit. After dyeing, you can experience the results in real time. 

2. L'Orél's AirLight Pro The next-generation infrared hair dryer 'Airlight Pro', which won the Innovation Award at CES 2024, was also unveiled. This product is a next-generation hair dryer developed for professional hair designers and consumers in collaboration with 'Zuvi', a hardware startup founded by drone engineers and scientists. 

Unlike existing hair dryers that use heating coils, it is equipped with △ 17 special blades △ high-speed tungsten motor △ halogen bulb-based infrared patented technology, allowing hair to be dried efficiently in a short time. In particular, because it only dries the water droplets remaining on the hair surface, the moisture in the hair is maintained, making it easy to manage, and it supports personalized hair care by allowing different settings depending on the user's characteristics and needs through an app. 

3. Dior’s Macy’s Flower Show Dior collaborated with Macy's Department Store to create a special experience for the Miss Dior perfume, collaborating with Google and Adobe at the Macy's Flower Show to allow users to enjoy physical space and digital content simultaneously through AR technology. 

Through the lens of AR, users can △ explore interactive displays △ discover the unique characteristics of each perfume △ and virtually experience Dior’s latest perfumes. Created by scanning a QR code and combining Google's geospatial and Adobe's Aero technology, the AR app uses the device's camera and sensors to superimpose digital content onto the physical environment, creating life-like 3D representations of Dior perfume bottles and displays of blooming flowers. It provides an immersive experience imbued with a unique scent. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury’s Collection of Emotions Manetta, the research and development department of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), developed ScentCube, an AI algorithm that analyzes various scents and helps identify emotional responses. The product's combination of ingredients uses molecules that have been scientifically proven to influence emotions. 

Charlotte Tilbury utilized IFF's Scentcube technology to develop a new 'Emotional Scent Collection Perfume' that analyzed more than 5 billion pieces of data, which provides a customized scent experience based on the user's emotional response and creates an emotional connection through scent. strengthen. 

The names and emotions of the perfume created in this way are △ Love Frequency: feeling of love △ More Sex: feeling of temptation △ Joyphoria: feeling of happiness △ Magic Energy: increasing energy △ Calm Bliss: calmness △ osmic Power: feeling of strength, etc.  

5. Nimble Beauty’s smart nail salon  Nimble Beauty is a nail specialty beauty company founded in 2016. We developed a nail care system to solve the problem that nail care is a cumbersome and time-consuming task for many people. Through the Geek Starter campaign, we raised $2 million, exceeding the target amount, and won the CES 2024 Innovation Award by introducing a professional-level smart nail salon system using AI and robot technology in 2024. 

This smart nail salon device provides professional-level nail care at home. It uses 270-degree nail scanning technology and more than 20 algorithms to accurately calculate the size and shape of each nail, and the robot arm imitates human movements to perform nail care. You can proceed with art. 

6. NFC chip packaging by ABI AMÉ Avi Ame is a French body care brand founded by Yasmin Zeinab. Through interviews with about 1,000 women, they identified the needs and problems of body care and created a community called AMIES to help consumers We developed a product that reflects their problems and diverse opinions. 

At 'VivaTech 2024', ABI AMÉ will introduce new Near Field Communication (NFC) chip packaging, and will expand its presence in existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands such as TikTok and Sephora. By turning to retail, we showcased technology that strengthens connections with the community. 

7. Estée Lauder and KIKI World 

Kiki World is a beauty community commerce platform that uses blockchain technology to strengthen connections with consumers and aims for prosumer marketing through a transparent participation process.

It launched nail products such as Pretty Nail Graffiti, which allowed customers to vote on their color. Skin care products such as Skin Development Kit also allow customers to vote on key ingredients. Customers who participate in activities such as selecting ingredients, voting on colors, and writing reviews are rewarded with points or a portion of sales revenue. 

Kiki World's community-centered approach was well-received by major investors such as Estee Lauder, securing initial funding of $7 million (KRW 9.6 billion). 

8. SCENT-SATION by YSL: Yves Saint Laurent  Sensation is a program that recommends personalized perfumes by analyzing customers' emotional responses to scents through a neural connection headset that uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology. 

Combining neuroscience and AI with a multi-sensory experience, this system recommends perfume to consumers through the following process. [ Step 1: Emotional profiling → Step 2: Wearing the SCENT-SATION headset → Step 3: In-depth analysis of the emotional olfactory profile → Step 4: Recommend three customized YSL perfumes → Step 5: Select the final perfume and share it with the community ]

This product analyzes the customer's brain wave data and recommends a perfume tailored to the individual's olfactory profile. In a pop-up pilot test at the YSL Beauty Innovation Lab held in Dubai, more than 80% of customers purchased the recommended perfume. The purchase conversion rate was high. 

9. Shiseido’s Beauty AR Navigation  Shiseido unveiled a digital app called 'Beauty AR Navigation' at CES 2024. This application combines AI and AR technology to analyze the user's skin care routine in real time and guide the optimal skin care method. When the user captures the skin condition through his or her smartphone, AR technology monitors the user's hand movements. It analyzes and teaches ideal skin care actions in real time. 

Not only does it provide consumers with easy-to-understand skincare steps through video and audio guidance, but it also provides quantitative evaluations that show whether their skincare routine is appropriate, allowing them to learn appropriate skincare methods over the long term. 

Through the use of technology, users can gain confidence in their own skin care and feel psychological satisfaction from practicing proper skin care practices. 

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