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A roundup of beauty trends and industry developments in January 2024 🌟

Hello, we're back with a new year's new trends, and this time, we're taking a look at the key notes for January 2024.

1. THB, Bye! THB, the key to ProChange Black Shampoo, is banned? 😱

1, 2, 4-Trihydroxybenzene (THB), a key ingredient in Moda Moda's ProChange Black Shampoo, has been banned from cosmetics. According to the KFDA, it will be banned from new cosmetics from October 1, 2024, but existing products can still be sold until October 1!


2. k Private interest, law revision for better beauty?! 💄

Representative Seo Jeong-sook of the People's Power has proposed an amendment to the Cosmetics Act to introduce a private autonomous certification system. Under the current law, the government only certifies cosmetics, but now it will be converted into a market-oriented cosmetics certification system operated by private autonomy in line with international trends.


3. 20 trillion won in online shopping transactions per month, the highest ever! 🛍️

In October 2023, monthly online shopping transactions exceeded KRW 20 trillion for the first time ever. The online transaction value of cosmetics also increased by 17.1% year-on-year to 1.63 trillion won, the first time such a high figure has been recorded since statistics began in 2001!


4. Cosmetic Direct, a new path for US cosmetics regulation! 🇺🇸

The U.S. FDA has opened an online platform called 'Cosmetic Direct', and companies exporting cosmetics to the U.S. are now required to submit cosmetic facility and product listing information to this platform. Be sure to check and submit the correct information.


5. Saudi Women's Snapchat Shines on Social Media ✨

Saudi women are turning to social media to find new skincare products, with Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram being the most popular platforms. Get more beauty tips on social media!


6. Hangover Beauty, the hottest beauty trend of 2024 🌈

According to the 'Beauty Trends 2024' released by trend research organization WGSN, 'Hangover Beauty' is predicted to take center stage. In addition to this, 'scents that reflect identity', 'age-defying beauty', 'backyard beauty', and 'plant-based ingredients' are expected to be very popular.


7. Peach Fuzz will be the dominant color of 2024 🍑 !

Global color company Pantone has selected 'Peach Fuzz' as the representative color of 2024. This warm and inclusive peach color is expected to be used not only in beauty products but also in fashion.


8. Clean Beauty 2.0, the Sustainable Beauty Trend! 🌿

In the U.S., 6 out of 10 consumers are more interested in sustainability than they were two years ago. The focus is shifting to "clean beauty 2.0," with trends like biodegradable, cruelty-free, and plastic-free.


9. Shoreika (Majorization), a new trend in Japanese society! 🇯🇵

In Japan, the phenomenon of "shorei car" is said to have emerged over the past 20-30 years, where the differences between generations are shrinking. This is expected to bring new possibilities to the marketing of companies, and the market is expected to expand further as age and attributes are liberated.


10. Residual raw material exchange transaction, an innovation in the food industry! 🔄

A platform for conveniently trading residual ingredients generated during food manufacturing has emerged. It is a B2B marketplace dedicated to food companies, and is an innovative attempt to help them sell their residual ingredients to manufacturers who need them.


Start the new year with a healthy and beautiful look with these beauty trends for the new year! 🌸✨

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