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The trend of ‘imitating’ with Korean celebrities… ‘Find and purchase’ specialized products

Japanese cosmetics market trend

[CMN Reporter Shim Jae-young] In Japan, men's interest in makeup is increasing, and makeup products specifically for men are becoming popular. As the Korean Wave becomes more popular, K-beauty is also producing results. As interest in hair care increases among all age groups, there has also been an increase in hair salons used by Korean celebrities and the purchase of salon-specialized hair care products.

The 2024 Global Cosmetic Focus No. 1 (China, Japan), recently published by the Korea Cosmetic Industry Research Institute, covers in detail expert columns, analysis of popular products and factors by season, etc., focusing on issues and trends in the Japanese cosmetics market.

The Korea Cosmetic Industry Research Institute said, “We are observing a phenomenon where Japanese consumers’ interest in Korean cosmetics goes beyond products distributed locally, and they are curious about what products are popular in Korea and are actively seeking out and purchasing them.” “We are very interested in cosmetics and are active in obtaining information and purchasing, so we need to focus on not only local marketing but also domestic references,” he said.

Increase in men's makeup consumption

The Japanese cosmetics market grew by 2.4% every year, reaching $45.96 billion (KRW 61.3106 trillion) in 2023. In particular, the makeup market has grown by 11.1% over the past three years, achieving the highest growth rate among all products.

Japanese male consumers, who started taking care of their skin during the COVID-19 period and began to take interest in makeup, took off their masks. They are showing great interest in not only base makeup to create clean skin, but also products that were not previously preferred, such as eyebrows and eyeliner.

In particular, positive awareness of men's makeup is expanding, especially among Generation Alpha and Generation Z. Due to the influence of Korean idols, more men want to have a clean and refreshing image rather than being 'masculine'.

Among Generation Z men, tear sac makeup, which involves drawing brightly colored eye shadow or eye line on the bags under the eyes to make the eyes look cute and bigger, is popular. According to a survey by Japanese cosmetics company Mandom, 80% of Generation Z men showed interest in this makeup look.

Accordingly, Gatsby, a brand under Mandam, launched an eyeliner that allows even beginners to create a natural aegyo look.

Previously, genderless products that could be used by both men and women were mainly used, but as the men's makeup market grows, Japanese cosmetics companies are releasing makeup products specifically tailored to men's skin.

Japanese cosmetics company Gao launched UNLICS, a men's cosmetics brand. Unlix attracted attention by launching more specialized products than genderless products, such as a scarlet makeup base that can cover up beard marks.

Japanese general store 3 COINS also introduced the men's cosmetic line GENAU series in February this year. Genau consists of a total of 18 products, including BB cream, concealer pencil, cleansing foam, cream, nail oil, and perfume. It is popular among beginners because it is easy to use and affordable. According to global market research firm Statista, the Japanese hair care market is the second largest market among the entire Japanese cosmetics market from 2021 to 2023

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