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New horizons in beauty trends: Young and old beauty worlds on TikTok

Today, we're taking a look at how beauty information is being shared via TikTok in the trendy UK and France, according to the latest research published by the Korea Institute of Cosmetics Industry in the August issue of Global Cosmetic Focus.

UK market trends - keywords related to 'TikTok'. Source='Global Cosmetics Focus' Issue 8.

French market trends - 'TikTok' keyword. Source='Global Cosmetics Focus' Issue 8.


1. UK TikTok trends: quick and easy beauty

In the U.K., makeup tips that can be completed in five minutes and "skin smoothies" that mix skincare and makeup products to complete skin makeup are gaining traction. As quick and easy makeup content is trending on TikTok, many beauty media outlets are also introducing products and tips for simple makeup.

2. TikTok hits in France: The appeal of arnica

In France, videos using the Arnidol gel stick, which uses arnica for its anti-inflammatory properties, have been trending, and videos showing how to cover dark circles with red or orange lipstick are also gaining traction, as the effect of reducing dark circles and brightening skin is popular.

3. Diversity of beauty information on TikTok

In addition to dark circles, product information on how to make up for various eye problems such as puffiness, wrinkles, and under-eye fat is spreading on TikTok, making it a fun platform to share beauty trends with consumers.

4. Trending products: What's shining in the UK and France

According to the study, Altruist's Anti-Redness and Pigmentation SPF 50 tops the list in the UK, while Paula's Choice's SkinPerfecting 2% BHA Liqueur Exfoliant is a big hit in France.

5: The future of beauty trends on TikTok

While British and French consumers have different interests in beauty trends, we found that they share them through TikTok. If you are considering entering the European market, it is essential to utilize a platform such as TikTok where various contents are actively shared.

Source: Beauty nury

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