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Do you know what the ultimate sheet mask is?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Let me introduce the best sheet mask in the world.

The ultimate sheet mask, Bio-cellulose.

Next Pangaea Inc. ended up developing the best bio-cellulose mask pack which is most cost-effective.

Here is the reason why our bio-cellulose is so special.

  1. We are producing from even the raw sheets of bio-cellulose to finished items in-house.

  2. Do people still fold the sheet manually? We use the cutting-edge machine that we developed to fold the raw sheet of the bio-cellulose, an automatic folding machine.

  3. We are the most specialist for bio-cellulose mask packs having the most experience to produce more than 10 million mask packs.

What are you waiting for? Just ask me.

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