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Why DAISO Beauty Products are Trending in Korea: Emphasizing Price Comparison, Cost-Effectiveness, and Exclusive Brands

The beauty market in Korea is experiencing a significant shift towards affordable yet high-quality products, with DAISO leading this movement. In times of economic downturn, DAISO has become a go-to destination for many consumers, offering a wide range of daily necessities at low prices. Recently, DAISO Beauty has emerged as a hot trend, attracting consumers with its cost-effective and diverse beauty products. As consumers look for ways to maximize value without sacrificing quality, DAISO’s beauty offerings have become increasingly popular. This trend reflects a broader move towards practical and budget-friendly consumption, making DAISO a prominent player in the beauty market.

DAISO’s rise in the beauty sector is also fueled by its strategic collaborations with well-known brands, offering exclusive lines that maintain high standards at affordable prices. The store’s ability to provide trendy, high-quality beauty products at low prices has made it a favorite among cost-conscious consumers. Additionally, the popularity of DAISO beauty products is amplified through social media and online reviews, where positive word-of-mouth and user experiences drive further interest and sales. This convergence of affordability, quality, and effective marketing positions DAISO Beauty as a leading trend in Korea’s competitive beauty market.

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1. Price Comparison and Cost-Effectiveness

Consumers prioritize practical consumption, with 71% researching prices before purchasing. This focus on cost-effectiveness has led to a rise in mid- to low-priced cosmetic lines, including DAISO-exclusive brands.

2. Diverse Product Information Sources

Consumers gather product information from online shopping reviews (71.4%), internet cafe/blog reviews (60.4%), and videos on YouTube and TikTok (46.7%). They prefer real user experiences and trend updates over company advertisements, influencing their purchasing decisions.

3. Increasing Number of DAISO-Exclusive Brands

Many cosmetic companies, regardless of size, are launching exclusive products for DAISO. Brands like VT, Too Cool For School, and Tony Moly have introduced DAISO-exclusive lines, contributing to a significant expansion in DAISO’s beauty product offerings.

4. Rapid Sales Growth

DAISO’s beauty products have seen an 85% sales growth compared to last year. This surge is driven by the launch of new brands and products that appeal to the cost-conscious MZ generation. DAISO’s overall sales increased from 2.605 trillion KRW in 2021 to 3.46 trillion KRW in 2023, with beauty and fashion sectors as key growth drivers.

5. Consumer Preference for Cost-Effective Products

VT Riddle Shot 100 Facial Boosting First Ampoule is one of the best-sellers at DAISO. While it costs 43,000 KRW for 50ml on the official website, it is available at DAISO for just 3000 KRW for 2ml*6ea. It focuses on enhancing skin texture and absorption, making it ideal for daily care. This product quickly sells out and is even resold at higher prices on second-hand platforms, demonstrating consumers’ preference for cost-effective, high-performance items. This trend is expected to continue as household financial burdens increase.



DAISO’s focus on affordability, variety, and trendy collaborations has made it a hot spot for beauty enthusiasts in Korea. With the increasing entry of cosmetic companies into DAISO and the growing preference for practical consumption, DAISO beauty products are set to remain a popular choice for consumers looking for quality without breaking the bank.

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